Level 3: Gun Handling and Marksmanship



Our third level of training is geared for the student that has the fundamentals but would like to improve their skill level.

This level of training is built around what was previously our Gun Handling 101 class. This is a four-hour class taught completely on the range.

The Basics of Gun Handling class will teach fundamental marksmanship and gun handling skills for anyone who carries a gun on a regular basis. The tabletop start and a smooth and fundamentally sound presentation or draw stroke from the holster will be taught.

Three different types of magazine changes, loading and unloading and dealing with malfunctions will also be taught.

The instructor will teach each concept, demonstrate each concept, and the student will practice the drills.

These skills are essential skills needed for the shooter to realize their true potential. Instruction will be given, and the skill will be demonstrated and then the students will practice the skill.

A major theme of this class will be to drive the gun and shoot with your vision. In an effort to drive the shooting with the vision, students will be introduced to the concepts of shot calling and snapping the eyes, and multiple target engagement.

There will be a shooting qualification to pass out of this class and on to the next level.


Holster and belt (NOTE: the holster should allow one handed re-holstering (i.e., the holster should not collapse when the gun is drawn)
3 magazines
2 magazine pouches
200 rounds of center fire pistol ammuntion


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