Level 2: Developmental Shooting


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Our second level of training is designed for the student that has purchased their first gun and is looking to be able to carry the gun or defend the home effectively.

For those that have not purchased a firearm you will be able to rent a firearm and buy ammo. This is the next level of training after our Introduction to Firearms class (Co-Ed or Ladies Only).

The student will be instructed in the proper grip of the pistol to better manage recoil. Instruction on sound trigger control for improving accuracy will be taught. This class has been designed to increase marksmanship skills, build safe gun handling habits, and increase comfort levels, gun handling and shooting.

Requirements of an appropriate holster and other gear will be discussed for those that want to move on to further training. Make no mistake, responsible carrying and home defense requires training.

There will be a shooting qualification to verify understanding of this material.


Firearm (9mm or larger)
3 Magazines
Firearm Specific Holster (not a generic holster)
Minimum of 200 Rounds of Ammunition


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