Level 1: Introduction to Firearms – Ladies Only



The first level of training is geared for the female shooter that has never fired a gun but would like to explore the world of firearms. Introduction to Firearms – Ladies Only is for women only. This is the best course to take prior to buying your first handgun.

In this course, you will receive instruction on safe gun-handling, safe storage, suitable guns for self-defense, and fundamentals of marksmanship. It does not matter if you are a new shooter that wants to learn to carry a gun, have a gun for home defense or start a new hobby – this class is the place to begin.

The class provides everything you will need – class materials, firearm and amunition, as well as eye and ear protection. Just show up and learn, shoot and have fun. If you already have a handgun, bring it to class unloaded and shoot it after shooting the class guns.

If you have questions about pistols and pistol shooting, make sure to ask them in class so our instructors will answer them. Remember, if you have a question, someone else may have it too!

After learning and practicing basic safe firearm handling in a classroom setting (you will use non-firing training firearms) the class will move to the range and shoot .22 caliber semi-automatic pistols.

We start with the .22 caliber so that good trigger control can be practiced without excessive noise and recoil.

This is the best womens only introductory class in the state.


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