2 Day Tactical Carbine



This 2-day class covers the basic tactical use of the carbine (AR Platform 5.56/.223). It begins with the basics, including proper zeroing of your carbine, fundamentals of marksmanship, safety, manipulations, reloads (tactical & speed), and malfunctions. Students will increase their proficiency in close to midrange firing, tactical engagement of targets, ballistics, the use of cover and move into more advanced drills. Primary focus is raising the accuracy level and tactical handling of the carbine. This course reviews the fundamentals and then focuses on refining accuracy and multiple target engagements. Drills will emphasize weak shoulder, moving, awkward positions, prone firing, dim light techniques, and moving into more advance long-range engagements. Fights are won by solid fundamentals and this course will teach you those fundamentals. This course is great for anyone who wants to dramatically improve their shooting skill.

Course Outline:

Safety rules and waivers
Introduction of the AR 15
Nomenclature of the AR 15
Ballistics of the AR 15
Zeroing of the AR 15
Immediate action drills (Failure to fire)
Shooting positions
Multiple targets and zones shooting
Multiple targets and zones shooting
Transition carbine to pistol to carbine drills
Awkward shooting positions (KLBs)
Cover and concealment drills
Movement drills
Dim light shooting techniques
Assessment drill
Operator readiness drill

Required Gear:

600 carbine rounds
50 pistol rounds
A proper holster
At least 3 carbine magazines
At least 2 pistol magazines
At least a 2-magazine pouch
At least a 1-magazine pouch
Ear and Eye protection
Pen and Paper
Lunch is NOT included. Please bring your own.
I highly recommended to bring a chair.
This is an outdoor range, so the only restrooms are Port-A-Johns.

*Eric is the owner of Professional Firearms Training, LLC and hold certifications
from the NRA, Rangemaster, and the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy as an


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