About Us

Parabellum Indoor Gun Range

At Parabellum our mission is to promote safe and responsible gun ownership and to leave our students confident that they can defend themselves.

We have been asked how we came up with the name “Parabellum”. Several law enforcement officers, that are also good friends, chose the name for the range. Parabellum is actually Si vis pacem, para bellum, a Latin phrase meaning “If you wish for peace, prepare for war”

Our version of “Speak softly but carry a big stick”! Parabellum is also the world’s most popular and widely used military handgun cartridge. Keep saying “Parabellum” over and over again …. guarantee it will grow on you!

People have asked how we came up with the idea to open a range. The truth is, it was my wife’s idea. I have shot all my life, even having an FFL from 1981 thru 1996 during which time I was shooting competitively quite a lot. I had always said that I wanted to have a small gun shop once I retired. What changed all that is all the current interest in guns. With all of the people getting Concealed Carry Permits there are a huge number of people wanting and needing firearms training as well as armed self-defense training. We saw an opportunity to help these people become safe, responsible gun owners and maybe learn to love the sport that I love. If you go to any local law enforcement agency you will find that they have people asking where they can get firearms training almost every day. We hope to help provide that training. At the same time, I have shot outdoors in bad weather and shooting indoors is much more fun. By offering an indoor range and training classes under one roof we can hopefully appeal to more people and offer the training people want.

“This is the dream of my life, being able to open a gun range to educate and promote gun safety to responsible gun owners.”

— Joe (Owner)