9MM Range Experience

The Parabellum 9MM Collective

Glocks to Rent: 4 Models
Sigs to Rent: 3 Models
Smith & Wesson to Rent: 2 Models
Walthers to Rent: 2 Models
Other Rentals: 4 Models

Parabellum 9MM Collective

Are you looking to purchase your first hand gun? Have you shopped around but are still not sure what handgun you should purchase? The Parabellum 9mm collection is the perfect place to shoot a variety handguns. This provides a great opportunity to try before you buy. Before putting your money down on a handgun, know that it fits your hand, and that the recoil is suitable for you.

The guns will be laid out in the shooting stalls and the shooters will rotate from stall to stall with 100 rounds of ammo and target. Parabellum staff will be on hand to direct the process, and assist as needed.

All participants in this process should have some prior gun training or experience. This is not an event for people who have never shot before. This is an event to try a variety of handguns.

It is not training. It is not a class. 

If you have completed the Introduction to Firearms (co-educational or woman only) or a more advanced class, you are ready for this event.

Parabellum staff will be on hand for assistance and advice as needed. All gear will be provided.

All of these firearms are available for purchase as well as rental.

$ 65.00 / per person

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