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“At Parabellum our mission is to promote safe and responsible gun ownership and to leave our students confident that they can defend themselves. Prepare to Protect – yourself and others.”



Level IV


Private Instruction
Non-Resident Concealed Carry
Utah and/or Florida
Church Security
First Aid (Basic – Advanced)
Tactical Carbine
Tactical Shotgun

Experience and Skills

Parabellum Range in Avon, IN, offers firearm training for US citizens.

As knowledgeable Americans, we take our rights very seriously, and the Second Amendment of the Constitution of the United States guarantees each citizen the right to keep and bear arms.

However, with each right comes an equal responsibility to discharge that right effectively, legally, safely and within the bounds of morality.

Rights demand responsibility.

Just as owning a piano does not make one a pianist any more than owning a handgun makes one a good shooter.

Only an effective, safe and authoritative program of study can guarantee that in a moment of danger YOU will act to protect yourself, your loved ones or the ones you are sworn to with self defense firearms training skills.



Upgrade your skills or learn from scratch with the help of our shooting course program developed by professional trainers.

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We teach you the most important skills for keeping and using handguns, rifles, and shotguns. You will work with certified trainers and we guarantee a comfortable, safe practice environment.

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Please visit our store for some basic or unique weapons, ammo, optics and gear.

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We provide basic gunsmith services with advanced services upon request. Ask about you specific needs.

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We provide FFL Transfer services for a small bookkeeping fee with discounts for range members.